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Clubroot: Common Brassica Root Disease

Clubroot strikes out against cruciferous plants, reducing their ability to absorb water from the soil. We explore preventative measures.

Blossom end rot in unripe tomato

Blossom End Rot: Tomato Grower’s Terror

Blossom end rot is a major issue for most tomato growers, but it can impact other veggies as well. We discuss what it is and how to stop it!

Is a snail an insect?

Is A Snail An Insect? All About Snails

While they’re common in gardens, many don’t know much about snails. Is a snail an insect pest or something else? We explore this topic!

Raspberry fruitworm beetle

Raspberry Fruitworm: Fruit-Feeding Larvae

The raspberry fruitworm is a pest of raspberries, loganberries, wild blackberries, boysenberries, & more. We discuss prevention and control!

Harlequin bug nymph and adult

Harlequin Bug: A Pretty Brassica Pest

The harlequin bug is a huge fan of your brassica plants and can lay waste to a brassica garden. We explain how to keep them at bay!

Drosophila spp. Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Pests: Keeping Them At Bay

The fruit fly is an incredibly common pest on freshly-picked produce. Find out about them and good methods of prevention with our guide!

Raspberry beetle

Raspberry Beetle: Destructive Berry Pest

The raspberry beetle lays eggs on blackberry and raspberry plants, and their larvae damage both plants and fruit. We discuss management tips.